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Software as conversation

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


Not all comments posted on blogs are crap, read below for a inspiring one posted by an Anonymous visitor on Business Insider.

In 20 years software development will be done trough conversations with “software Siri”, shortly after you say what you want a prototype application appears, like a Google search result, as you test riding the prototype you are working out the details in real time, as a flow of a conversation.

Running the modifications of the prototype will be as fast and fluent as refining your search queries, based on the previous results.

Once you say “yes” for Software Siri’s legendary question, “Is this what you want?”, Software Siri will optimize the prototype to a polished application and saves it to any main-stream device, cloud or application context.

Software As Conversation. Mark my word.

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One step further

This idea can be applied to anything involving a creation process. For example, this is already exactly how we proceed when we’re designing, there’s a discussion between what you have in mind, how you produce it, and how you feel about the result.

Today, it’s the only way we have to validate or to kill an idea, and this is also exactly why I think ideas are shit. Nobody uses an idea. You cannot click an idea. You cannot swipe an idea. You cannot crash an idea. You’ve to play with your idea and that’s why execution is king.

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