May 1st, 2012 by

Mobile first. Team first. Product first. User first. Acquisition first. Experience first. Design first. And so on. So, who’s not first? Friends, not first. Family, not first. Sport, not first. Shopping, never first.

The other day I realized that for the last three months I haven’t sleep three nights in a row at home. The other day I had a call around four in the morning, with a lawyer. The other day I was sleeping at Jeremy’s place and we wake up talking UX, first thing in the morning, before our first coffee.

And guess what? I love that, it’s my new life. Work is important. The feeling of working is horrible. I urge you to find a way of being passionated about what you do. Thus, the conclusion is simple, passion second. Yeah, cliché blogposts always come first, after ninjas and sex.

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