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What I like in blogging is it doesn’t take so much time to write a post, but your blog is never too far. Anything can inspire your next post. An anecdote. An idea. A rant. Then, this little thing evolves into a bigger idea, and you realize that everything is connected. Your life is much more consistent than you think.

I wanted to write a two lines post about a clever answer I got for a super smart guy. The other day I was discussing with this World-class investor and I had a question, a simple but kind of hard to ask — who wants to show its doubts?

Here is the deal, I love to build products that you could use everyday. I truly believe that it’s one of the reasons why I’m on Earth. On purpose or not, I’m a serial entrepreneur. For some reasons being a CEO has always scared me, there is millions of little, unfocused tasks to do every single morning. So I asked him how to manage my time between my passion and everything else. And he got this clever answer: “You have two jobs: don’t run out of money, hire good”. Accountancy? Not your job. Legal? Not your job. Money and team? Your job! What he means is off-course that I’ve have three jobs, the product, the money, and the team. If you’re a designer, design. If you’re a hacker, code. If you’re a sales guy, sell. Plus money. Plus team.

Back to my point, a startup journey is all about the asks. First colleagues, then probably engineers, friends, girlfriend, parents, idols. Are you in the early days of building a product? Please, oh please consider an advisor. It’s exactly what you need, it’s the smartest way to get honest feedback, to redefine your product, and to get answers that will allow you to go to the next level and, I wish you, to access world-class investors. Ask!

He also recommended me to read High Output Management. Apparently it’s the CEO Bible, they all read it, from Dell to Google to names I forgot, sorry dude.

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