This is why I sold my Porsche

April 28th, 2012 by


A couple of month ago I made one of the hardest choice of my career, but let’s first approach this another way.

After 10 years of hard working, I finally got what I wanted since I was kid: the legendary and beautiful Porsche 993. Cliché? It wasn’t, there is no other way than fixing goals to achieve things. Some want to be rich, some famous, I just wanted my Porsche.

Off course I was to young to understand that things never come alone, a Porsche is great — I mean, it’s fucking incredible, but it has to fit with everything else, including you. Surprise! It wasn’t a good timing, so I left it together with nearly everything else I built the past 10 years, including my advertising agency and my lovely city.

Last week I came across this article wrote by Saatchi & Saatchi CEO, Mr. Kevin Roberts, including a legendary “Martin Luther King did not say ‘I have a vision statement’ did he?”. Off-course he didn’t, he wasn’t working for Visa.

Here is my point. I don’t believe in brands telling stories, we simply don’t care about these stories. What we need is a friendly relationships with products, these products that understand our behaviors and, at the end, make us spending our money and buying products. Food. Clothes. Whatever.

During the past 10 years I was trying to tell stories for brands that just don’t care about what you do when you leave their bling-bling digital campaigns. I love humans, and that’s exactly why I left everything, I can now spend 24 hours a day building and talking about products that people use, helping them to tell their stories.

Now that I’m here, I would like to thank you Jérôme, my dear good old friend and business partner who understood how important it was for me to reach my goal, and now letting me setting up new goals. Miss you my mate.

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